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Bulldog has the expertise to provide critical security and safety solutions for government agencies, buildings, offices and facilities. Our capabilities include securing environments for employees and visitors, protecting properties and people from intruders and dangerous threats, supporting the standards of Homeland Security, and other critical security programs. Our integrated security systems and devices keep a 24/7 watchful eye on people, property and government assets. From video surveillance with remote monitoring and recording to custom designed access control, Bulldog provides the leadership and innovative solutions for protecting government operations.

We provide custom design and installation of:

  • Alarms Systems

  • Video Monitoring Systems

  • Access Control and Badging

  • Burglary Alarms and Fire Alarms

  • Intrusion and Perimeter Protection

  • Radio Communications

  • Intercoms and Overhead Paging

  • Emergency Notification Systems

  • Locks and Door Hardware

  • Positioning and Tracking Systems

  • Security Portals

  • Consoles and Cabinetry

  • Entry Gates Security

  • Monitoring Services



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