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Why is a home security system necessary?
Burglaries and home break-ins are on the rise. Homeowners in every neighborhood should be concerned for the safety of their homes and families. When you have a home security alarm system and monitoring, your home is less likely to be targeted for burglary. A home security system also provides a high level of peace of mind for those in your household. The Bulldog Security sign outside of your home tells potential intruders to stay away!

Will an alarm system fend off potential intruders?
90% of burglars choose to break into a home without a security system. These criminals want the easy way in; they don’t want to risk an alarm siren going off. And believe it or not, the most common entryway for intruders is the front door.

What happens when something triggers the alarm to go off?
When the alarm goes off, a signal is sent to the Central Monitoring Station. Then the monitoring technicians will call your house in order to verify that there is an actual emergency. If appropriate verification is not received, or the correct password is not used, emergency personnel are then dispatched to your home. If your system comes with a panic button and the panic button has been activated, emergency personnel will be dispatched first and then they will attempt to contact you afterwards. If you know you have accidentally tripped the alarm, you can easily cancel it on your keypad.

What is the risk of a false alarms?
While there is always a risk of a false alarm, Bulldog strives to ensure that false alarms are as infrequent as possible. To that end, the equipment we provide you has been engineered to the highest specifications, and incorporates the latest developments in false alarm reduction hardware and technology. We also provide proper training that keep your false alarms to a minimum.

I have smoke detectors in my house. Should I add additional ones to my alarm system?
Yes. The off-the-shelf smoke alarms that you purchase at a hardware store are not of the same quality as the smoke sensors that we install. Our smoke detectors are also monitored 24 hours a day, whether your system is on or not, regardless of whether you are home.

Who will install my system, and how long will it take?
Bulldog employs highly trained, skilled, licensed technicians. System installation usually requires 3 hours, but it can require longer for a more comprehensive system.

Will my insurance company give me a discount on my homeowners policy?
Insurance companies recognize and value a monitored home security alarm system. Many give customers a discount on their homeowners insurance policy, usually up to 20%. Check with your agent.

If I already have a security system, can you provide the monitoring?
Of course. People often move into a home that has a security system in place. If we (together) determine that it serves your needs and operates correctly, Bulldog monitoring is available.

Does it matter where my home is located in relation to the location of the monitoring center?
Your home location has zero effect on the monitoring stations ability to receive your alarm signals. Signals from your home are transmitted electronically.

How does a wireless security system differ from a hardwired security system?
Wireless systems allow for ease of installation for homes that do not have hard wiring accessibility. A hardwire system is more often used for single-story homes and businesses. In reality, there is no difference in the operation of a wireless system versus a traditional hardwire system.

What components are included in a basic home security system?
Most Bulldog alarm systems include a control panel & keypad, door or window contacts, a motion detector, and an alarm siren which also alerts emergency responders. Options may include remote control access, glass break detection and 24 hour monitored smoke detection.

How long does it take to get a security system installed?
Bulldog will send one of our licensed technicians to your home in two or three days. Of course, we will schedule a time for installation of your new system at a time and day that is most convenient for you.

Is a telephone line necessary?
Yes and no. A traditional phone line can be used to communicate your alarm signal to our 24-hour monitoring station. Or we can monitor your home alarm system with a digital cellular communicator.

Will the security system work if there is a loss of power?
Yes. Bulldog installs systems with back-up batteries that operate the system for several hours. Once the battery is low, a signal will be transmitted to the monitoring center and you will be notified about it.

Are pets a problem for an alarm system?
We love pets. Especially Bulldogs. Today, most home security systems allow for pets (that weigh under 40 pounds) to wander around the home without setting off the alarm. Still, you always have the option of turning off the motion detector in the room where your pet is active. Large animals including hippos and rhinos may require a system upgrade.



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