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Bulldog is a leader in the design, installation, and service of customized security systems for all types of commercial businesses and operations—from local retailers to high risk government buildings—and everything inbetween. Below you will find a list of security systems and services we provide for companies, both small and large.

Burglary and Intrusion Systems

At Bulldog, our commercial alarm systems offer your business the most technologically advanced products and security solutions in the industry. We will design, build, install and service an intrusion detection system to meet your precise needs and requirements. This includes burglar alarms, motion detection, perimeter protection, glass break detection, and multi-area arming...supported by the effective warning, response and monitoring systems every business needs to protect what's important—their people and business.

Camera Systems and Video Surveillance

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) results in a significant decrease of robbery and employee theft as well as an increase in employee productivity and improvement in customer service. Many Bulldog CCTV Systems are small enough to be integrated into strategic locations for maximum coverage and discreet monitoring. Security cameras also have the benefit of filming crimes on video. Bulldog Security Systems offers the most advanced Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) solutions for commercial and industrial operations. Whether you want to safeguard the exterior of your premises or secure high-traffic areas, a video surveillance security system allows you to monitor suspicious activity before it results in a crime.

Fire and Smoke Detection

With a fully integrated Bulldog fire detection system, you will be alerted of smoke and fire instantly, and so will emergency responders. Systems can be designed to identify the precise location of a fire, helping firefighters extinguish it quicker, decreasing inventory loss and secondary damage by sprinkler systems in unaffected areas. This also provides your employees with the information they need to make a fast, safe exit from potential danger.

Fire Safety Services

Your local fire department requires annual commercial fire system testing. Even the best systems may be ineffective if regular maintenance is neglected. Bulldog Security will test and inspect your system to ensure it meets local requirements.

Environmental Sensing Systems

For many commercial businesses, including manufacturers and warehouse operations, workers need to be protected from the threat of carbon monoxide and other dangerous chemical exposures—often invisible but extremely life threatening.

Access Control Systems

Our Bulldog electronic access control technology allows you to restrict or permit access to select and secure areas of your facility. These systems are simple to use, yet provide sophisticated protection. Our access control systems can be seamlessly integrated into other commercial security solutions, including digital CCTV, for maximum effectiveness. Whether you choose to secure one door or many, we will design controlled access for approved card holders, only. This can be configured by employee, location, time of day, and more. Protecting your inventory, corporate secrets, and securing access to restricted areas will allow you operate your business more safely, effectively, and profitably.

Voice Communication Systems

Clear communication among employees, and between employees and customers is critical for every business. Bulldog Security designs and installs state-of-the-art voice communications, including telephone, intercom, and one and two-way voice systems.

Perimeter Detection

Give potential intruders another obstacle to prevent them from entering and/or damaging your business. Bulldog installs everything from fences, to gates, to photobeam detectors. We will work with you to determine the best options to protect your property.

24-hour Monitoring / Emergency Notification

Alarm monitoring gives you piece of mind that your business is protected at all hours. When alarms are triggered, the police department, fire department, emergency medical services, and anyone on your individual call list is contacted and/or summoned immediately.





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